Bluesmobile visits Hunstanton in Surprise Fashion

Bluesmobile visits Hunstanton in Surprise Fashion

“We’re 105 miles from Essex. We got full tank of diesel, half a pack of Trebor mints, it’s cold and we’re wearing sunglasses. Hit it!”

If you were at Hunstanton’s Cliff Parade this Sunday 18th February you will have seen something a little unusual that the usual dog walkers and joggers. Jake and Elwood made a visit in their 2018 bluesmobile in a small glimpse of what to expect when Committed to the Blues Brothers bring their Commitments and Blues Brothers show to the town in March.

The new bluesmobile – based on a Chrysler 300s – even had an authentic air-horn on the roof and classic tunes from the iconic film could be heard wafting along the beach front in a slower than usual Blues Brothers drive-by (no Illinois Nazis were hurt).


A show of two halves

Although out promoting the Blues Brothers section of the show, it’s worth remembering that there are two halves; the first of which is all the great songs from the Commitments (including Try a Little Tenderness, Mustang Sally and Nowhere to run).

So whether you’re a fan of Irish 1980s soul or it’s American cousin, you’re guaranteed to have a night of great music delivered by the authentic band.


The original bluesmobile vs the 2018 bluesmobile

For those of you who care, here are some of the important technical specifications of the original and the 2018 version.

Original 2018 version
Make/Model Dodge Monaco Chrysler 300c
Engine Gasoline, 7.2l V8 440-cubic-inch plant Mercedes-Benz 3.0 L diesel V6 engine
Transmission 3-speed automatic 5-speed automatic
0-60mph 10.3 seconds 7.9 seconds
Bodywork Battered, badly sprayed at Illinois car auction Good, graphics by E-Sign Media Ltd.
 Notes 13 cars were used in the making or the original motion picture Cigarette lighter works (used for charging phone)



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