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Lockdown Rock Released!

We’ve just released our Lockdown song, ‘Lockdown Rock’, and it’s proven really popular. Check it out!

New Year, New Shows…and people actually like us ;)

It’s finally 2019 and Christmas already feels like a distant memory. Most people are back to work (groan), not forgetting those who never had a Christmas holiday in order to keep the Country turning.

And so we embark on our busiest year yet, returning to some regular venues and adding new ones as we go. It’s really exciting to see the show grow and more venues keen to add us to their annual schedule of events.

While we have the opportunity, we’d also like to thank the hundreds of people who have decided to follow our Facebook page in the last year, along with all of those people who have sent us kind testimonials and messages of support. You can also follow our Instagram and Twitter feeds. It’s been amazing to see our social media platforms grow and it’s a sign that people actually like us!

We’re working on an enhanced script over the next few months and shooting some video at locations around Essex. If you’ve got a cool venue and would like it included in the video, why not get in touch at

Finally, a huge thanks to all of the people who have seen our show in the past two years. We really couldn’t do it without you. Theatre and live music is something we’re all very passionate about, and we’re proud to have been part of your entertainment choices.

Here are our confirmed dates for 2019. See you soon!

Ritchie & Richard.

New Music Video for ‘Destination Anywhere’ Released

After two sell-out shows this weekend, we’re pleased to announce the release of one of our music video ‘Destination Anywhere’, ahead of our 2019 promo.

We’d also like to say a huge ‘thank you’ to all the people who came to see us at the McMillan Theatre in Bridgwater and Plaza Theatre in Romsey, as well as all the technicians who helped to make the shows run smoothly.

For those who are yet to see the show, check out our upcoming shows at Colchester Arts Centre and Greshams, Ipswich.

See you soon.

Here’s the video:

Madness At Maddermarket!

Wow! What a night!

Thank you for everyone who came to see our production at the Maddermarket Arts Centre on Saturday 8th September, who were clearly up for a great time right from the outset. From the very first song, it was clear to all of us that the show was going to be great and it really did go from strength to strength.

We’d also like to that all the theatre staff, in particular the sound tech Mark, who did a stirling job.

And a big shout out to all the volunteers who helps to keep the centre ticking over smoothly.

Here are some photos of the night. You can also tag yourself on our Facebook gallery.

Hope to see you again soon!

Ritchie (Deco).


The Kids Are Back To School – And It’s Almost Time To Say The ‘C’ Word!

The kids go back to school today, and right on queue the skies are grey and there’s a chill in the air. Grrrr.

But fear not! We have a great schedule of shows to keep you warm right up until Christmas (yes, sorry, we said the C word).

This month we’re off to the Maddermarket Theatre in Norwich for what looks to be a packed out show. Then we’re off for the last weekend of September to the beautiful town of Bridgwater for a show at the McMillan Theatre, Somerset (twinned with the Czech town of Uherské Hradiště) followed by the market town of Romsey where we’ll be performing at The Plaza Theatre.

October is another packed month with will see is return to Colchester Arts Centre and the Astor Theatre in Deal, Kent, where Ritchie & Richard went down a storm just a few years ago. You can also catch us at the Gresham’s Club in Ipswich at the end of October.

And then finally, in November we’re back at the stunning Waterside Theatre in Aylesbury.


Big News!

Don’t get those Autumn blues just yet! The weather forecast for September still looks to be pretty good and there’s lots to look forward too.

We will be using the December down time to record a new demo which we’ll be putting to a music video as well, which we hope to be releasing in February 2019. So stay tuned to our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts to see some sneaking highlights as they’re publish.

See you soon!

Ritchie (Deco) xxx

Elgiva Theatre meet and greet photographs

Oh we do like to be Beside the Seaside!

Thank you, Whitstable Playhouse, for being such a superb audience for our maiden performance at this remarkable and intimate theatre. Our next show is at the Princess Theatre in Hunstanton.

Sadly we were unable to meet many of the audience members after the show; mainly because we had no idea where to go to meet them and got a bi…well…lost. Whoops!

We hope to be back with our show sometime soon. If you managed to get any photos then please feel free to get in touch with us:

Here are a few snaps from the evening:


Bluesmobile visits Hunstanton in Surprise Fashion

“We’re 105 miles from Essex. We got full tank of diesel, half a pack of Trebor mints, it’s cold and we’re wearing sunglasses. Hit it!”

If you were at Hunstanton’s Cliff Parade this Sunday 18th February you will have seen something a little unusual that the usual dog walkers and joggers. Jake and Elwood made a visit in their 2018 bluesmobile in a small glimpse of what to expect when Committed to the Blues Brothers bring their Commitments and Blues Brothers show to the town in March.

The new bluesmobile – based on a Chrysler 300s – even had an authentic air-horn on the roof and classic tunes from the iconic film could be heard wafting along the beach front in a slower than usual Blues Brothers drive-by (no Illinois Nazis were hurt).


A show of two halves

Although out promoting the Blues Brothers section of the show, it’s worth remembering that there are two halves; the first of which is all the great songs from the Commitments (including Try a Little Tenderness, Mustang Sally and Nowhere to run).

So whether you’re a fan of Irish 1980s soul or it’s American cousin, you’re guaranteed to have a night of great music delivered by the authentic band.


The original bluesmobile vs the 2018 bluesmobile

For those of you who care, here are some of the important technical specifications of the original and the 2018 version.

Original 2018 version
Make/Model Dodge Monaco Chrysler 300c
Engine Gasoline, 7.2l V8 440-cubic-inch plant Mercedes-Benz 3.0 L diesel V6 engine
Transmission 3-speed automatic 5-speed automatic
0-60mph 10.3 seconds 7.9 seconds
Bodywork Battered, badly sprayed at Illinois car auction Good, graphics by E-Sign Media Ltd.
 Notes 13 cars were used in the making or the original motion picture Cigarette lighter works (used for charging phone)



What a year 2017 has been!

2017 has been an amazing year for Committed to the Blues Brothers as we rolled the show out across the East of England and Midlands.

All the musicians, cast members and crew have had such a blast meeting some of the great audience members after the show in our usual ‘meet and greet’ and have loved working alongside so many professional theatre staff; the list of thank you’s is too long to mention!

So many highlights to remember. Richard (Elwood/Jimmy) said that one of his highlights was at Watersmeet Theatre when Aretha (played by Georgia Sanders) was doing her Aretha speech telling her on-stage husband that he needs to show some Respect, when a lady in the audience shouted back “AMEN SISTER!”

Ritchie (who plays Deco/Jake) said he’s favourite moment was singing Dark End of the Street at Watersmeet where the lighting engineer bought up the ceiling lights during the final verse. “The auditorium felt electric as hundreds of tiny lights slowly lit the room up. It was awesome” said Ritchie.

Brentwood Blockbuster!

Thank you to all who came to see our show at Brentwood Theatre on 17th June.

Despite the oppressive heat (it measured 32 degrees on the stage at one point) the feeling in the auditorium was buzzing. Many members of the audience got up to dance alongside the band on the intimate stage. The entire band remarked on what a great time they had and feedback from you was amazing at the aftershow meet-and-greet. One fan also remarked that it was the best show he’d seen for “many, many years”.

We’re really looking foward to our next show at the Millfield Theatre in Enfield!