What a year 2017 has been!

What a year 2017 has been!

2017 has been an amazing year for Committed to the Blues Brothers as we rolled the show out across the East of England and Midlands.

All the musicians, cast members and crew have had such a blast meeting some of the great audience members after the show in our usual ‘meet and greet’ and have loved working alongside so many professional theatre staff; the list of thank you’s is too long to mention!

So many highlights to remember. Richard (Elwood/Jimmy) said that one of his highlights was at Watersmeet Theatre when Aretha (played by Georgia Sanders) was doing her Aretha speech telling her on-stage husband that he needs to show some Respect, when a lady in the audience shouted back “AMEN SISTER!”

Ritchie (who plays Deco/Jake) said he’s favourite moment was singing Dark End of the Street at Watersmeet where the lighting engineer bought up the ceiling lights during the final verse. “The auditorium felt electric as hundreds of tiny lights slowly lit the room up. It was awesome” said Ritchie.

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