Privacy Policy

In order to abide by Data Protection and GDPR rules, we need to let you know how we process, store and use your data. We’ve kept it very simple.


Personal data

We only collect data in one method. This is an email address when you chose to subscribe to our email newsletter list. You can have this deleted at any time by contacting us by email or post. There is no charge for this. We store this on a secure server (the same one that this website is hosted on) and we never pass on or sell details.

Other than the above, we don’t capture or store any other information. All ticket sales are dealt with by third parties, such as the venues, and we don’t capture or store any information for these. You should contact the individuals organisations if you want to know what information they capture and store about you.



As such, photographs are covered by the data protection act and copyright law. The copyright holder is usually the person who takes the photo. However, there are instances where a photo of you may be considered personal data.

If you chose to have your photograph taken at one of our shows, for example in the post-show ‘meet and greet’, we will post that photo on our website, Facebook page, and Instagram account. You are welcome to have the photo removed if you prefer. Please contact us with a link to the photo and we’ll be happy to remove it.

We respect your right to be forgotten, and we respect your right to control how your data is used. Just get in touch with any problems and we’ll be happy to oblige. You can expect a response within 7 works days of contacting us.

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